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A while ago, I put photos on my blog and told you guys it was me when it was someone else. Today I decided I am going to show you guys real pictures of me and I will not pretend anymore.  The first picture is of me and my mom12 May 08 08112 May 08 186DSCF0153


Ballet exersize: The Tendu

There is a ballet step called a Tendu.  The other day I found a really cool fact on Tendus and when you do it at the barre it helps you with your leaps when you move to the center so if you are wanting to improve on your leaps in ballet class, then practice extra on Tendus. Here at some photos of what a Tendu looks like:tendu[1]january2008balletroom005[1]HB101008feetandpointeshoepics016[1]

Summer ballet

As you may know, I am taking ballet at a Russian academy This Summer. I have really enjoyed the ballet classes. At this new studio the girls are very nice and The ballet classes last longer which I like. My teacher works us really hard and my legs are kill me after class! We dance very slowly so we can have control and that is what makes it more painful. I wanted to show you guys some photos of girls in ballet class at my studio: PS. some of these girls are in the same class I’m inP1000683[1]P1000696P1010384P1010398P1010445[1]

Under cunstruction

I am going to open this blog again because I miss posting on here. As you may see, I deleted all the other posts except one because I am going change this blog. It will still be about ballet but it will be funner 🙂

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How my ballet recital went!

My dance recital was May 31rst  at 4 Pm.  In the afternoon. It was my first dance recital ever.I loved are costumes.  A few of the girls forgot the steps on stage but other than that everyone did great.